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Figure Description

Figure 1

Relationship between ASAM OpenSCENARIO, ASAM OpenDRIVE, and ASAM OpenCRG

Figure 2

ASAM OpenSCENARIO base architecture

Figure 3

Actions and conditions

Figure 4

Abstract ASAM OpenSCENARIO architecture

Figure 5

Heading, pitch, and roll angle in an ISO 8855:2011 compliant coordinate system

Figure 6

Road-based s/t-coordinate system with origin at the beginning of the road

Figure 7

Vehicle coordinate system

Figure 8

Parts are not shown in road visualizations.

Figure 9

Euclidean distance dAB between two points A/B

Figure 10

Longitudinal entity distance dXAB and lateral entity distance dYAB between point A and point B in entity referentials

Figure 11

Longitudinal road distance dsAB and lateral road distance dtAB between point A and point B in road referentials

Figure 12

Distances between a point P and an entity E, with freespace = false

Figure 13

Distances between an entity E and an entity F, with freespace = false.

Figure 14

Distances between a point P and an entity E, with freespace = true.

Figure 15

Distances between an entity E and an entity F, with freespace = true.

Figure 16

Shortest and fastest route between two waypoints

Figure 17

Route passing the same road section twice

Figure 18

A route consisting of roads with a reference line and PositionInRoadCoordinates

Figure 19

Entity is not at the start of the trajectory

Figure 20

Entity is at an ambiguous point near the trajectory

Figure 21

Trajectory position example

Figure 22

Diagram showing the structure of a storyboard

Figure 23

The entity class hierarchy

Figure 24

Example 1: A semi truck with "fifth-wheel" connector

Figure 25

Example 2: A car trailer hooked up to a tow bar

Figure 26

model3d behavior depending on simulator support

Figure 27

Relations between Entity, Controller, privateAction, and control strategy

Figure 28

SynchronizeAction example inducing an interceptor situation

Figure 29

Example of SynchronizeAction combined with routing

Figure 30

SynchronizeAction constellation example

Figure 31

Road Cursor definition

Figure 32

Road Range definition

Figure 33

Swarm definition

Figure 34

Evaluation of a speed condition with a greaterThan rule, for all possible edge values

Figure 35

Petrinet model shows the parallel execution pattern with three nested elements

Figure 36

Petrinet model that shows the loop execution pattern with three executions per element

Figure 37

Petrinet model that shows a general loop execution pattern

Figure 38

Petrinet model that shows a bulk execution of an action

Figure 39

State diagram for an action

Figure 40

State diagram for an event

Figure 41

State diagram for a maneuver

Figure 42

State diagram for a maneuver group

Figure 43

State diagram for an act

Figure 44

State diagram for an Story

Figure 45

State diagram for a storyboard

Figure 46

State machine evolution for instantaneous actions during the init phase

Figure 47

State machine evolution for non-instantaneous Actions during the init phase

Figure 48

Initial positions of vehicles (Vehicle is shortened to v in this graphic)

Figure 49

Visual representation of the X-junction

Figure 50

Visual representation of the phases and states

Figure 51

Cut-in scenario example

Figure 52

Slow preceding scenario example

Figure 53

End of traffic jam scenario example

Figure 54

Neighboring lane occupied scenario example

Figure 55

Double lane changer scenario example

Figure 56

Fast overtake with re-initialization scenario example

Figure 57

Overtaker scenario example

Figure 58

Traffic jam scenario example

Figure 59

Synchronized arrival to intersection scenario example

Figure 60

Critical close vehicle crossing scenario example

Figure 61

Connect and disconnect trailer scenario example