Class SpeedProfileAction

Applied Stereotypes:

This action describes the change of speed in terms of a series of speed targets over time.

Used in:
  Name Type Cardinality AppliedStereotypes Description
  entityRef Entity 0..1 nameRef, XSDattribute Reference entity. If set, the speed values will be interpreted as relative delta to the speed of the referenced entity.
  followingMode FollowingMode 1..1 XSDattribute Defines whether to apply strictly linear interpolation between speed target values (mode=position), or to apply jerk (change rate of acceleration/deceleration) and other optional constraints of the Performance class of a Vehicle entity resulting in a smoother speed profile curve (mode=follow). For mode=follow the acceleration is zero at the start and end of the profile.
  dynamicConstraints DynamicConstraints 0..1 XSDelement Defines limitations to the action in terms of acceleration, deceleration, speed and/or jerk. These settings has precedence over any Performance settings (applies to vehicles only).
  speedProfileEntry SpeedProfileEntry 1..* XSDelement Defines a series of speed targets.
XSD 1.3 Representation

<xsd:complexType name="SpeedProfileAction">
<xsd:element name="DynamicConstraints" type="DynamicConstraints" minOccurs="0"/>
<xsd:element name="SpeedProfileEntry" type="SpeedProfileEntry" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
<xsd:attribute name="entityRef" type="String"/>
<xsd:attribute name="followingMode" type="FollowingMode" use="required"/>

Stereotype Details Information
  • Class
    • XSDcomplexType [modelGroup: "sequence"; mixed: "false"]
  • Property entityRef
    • nameRef [xsdType: "String"]
    • XSDattribute
  • Property followingMode
    • XSDattribute
  • Property dynamicConstraints
    • XSDelement [position: "1"]
  • Property speedProfileEntry
    • XSDelement [position: "3"]