Class TimeHeadwayCondition

Applied Stereotypes:

Condition based on the headway time between a triggering entity and a reference entity. The reference entity is assumed to be leading/ahead, so the triggering entity is trailing. TimeHeadway is calculated similar to TimeToCollision (distance divided by relative speed, no acceleration) with the following exception: For the relative speed only the speed of the triggering entity is considered but not the speed of the reference entity. This is because it doesn't matter where the reference entity moves, only the time it takes for the triggering entity to reach the current position of the reference entity is calculated. The logical operator used for comparison is defined by the rule attribute. The property "alongRoute" is deprecated. If "coordinateSystem" or "relativeDistanceType" are set, "alongRoute" is ignored.

Used in:
  Name Type Cardinality AppliedStereotypes Description
D alongRoute boolean 0..1 XSDattribute, deprecated True: routing is taken into account, e.g. turns will increase distance. False: straight line distance is used.
  coordinateSystem CoordinateSystem 0..1 XSDattribute Definition of the coordinate system to be used for calculations. If not provided the value is interpreted as "entity". If set, "alongRoute" is ignored.
  entityRef Entity 1..1 nameRef, XSDattribute Reference entity to which the time headway is computed.
  freespace boolean 1..1 XSDattribute True: time headway is measured using the distance between closest bounding box points. False: reference point distance is used.
  relativeDistanceType RelativeDistanceType 0..1 XSDattribute Definition of the coordinate system dimension(s) to be used for calculating distances. If set "alongRoute" is ignored. If not provided, value is interpreted as "euclideanDistance".
  routingAlgorithm RoutingAlgorithm 0..1 XSDattribute Algorithm for path selection/calculation between two positions across roads. Only relevant, if CoordinateSystem is "road"/"lane". Default value if omitted: "undefined".
  rule Rule 1..1 XSDattribute The operator (less, greater, equal).
  value double 1..1 XSDattribute The time headway value. Unit: [s]. Range: [0..inf[.
  • Property alongRoute deprecated. With version 1.1. Use relativeDistanceType and coordinateSystem.
XSD 1.3 Representation

<xsd:complexType name="TimeHeadwayCondition">
<xsd:attribute name="entityRef" type="String" use="required"/>
<xsd:attribute name="alongRoute" type="Boolean">
<xsd:attribute name="freespace" type="Boolean" use="required"/>
<xsd:attribute name="rule" type="Rule" use="required"/>
<xsd:attribute name="value" type="Double" use="required"/>
<xsd:attribute name="coordinateSystem" type="CoordinateSystem"/>
<xsd:attribute name="relativeDistanceType" type="RelativeDistanceType"/>
<xsd:attribute name="routingAlgorithm" type="RoutingAlgorithm"/>

Stereotype Details Information
  • Class
    • XSDcomplexType [modelGroup: "sequence"; mixed: "false"]
  • Property alongRoute
    • XSDattribute
    • deprecated [withVersion: "1.1"; comment: "Use relativeDistanceType and coordinateSystem"]
  • Property coordinateSystem
    • XSDattribute
  • Property entityRef
    • nameRef [xsdType: "string"]
    • XSDattribute
  • Property freespace
    • XSDattribute
  • Property relativeDistanceType
    • XSDattribute
  • Property routingAlgorithm
    • XSDattribute
  • Property rule
    • XSDattribute
  • Property value
    • XSDattribute