11.10 Close Vehicle Crossing

This scenario describes a critical traffic situation where the Ego vehicle approaches an urban intersection coinciding with two other vehicles that are crossing perpendicularly.

At the initialization phase, the Ego vehicle is spawned west of the intersection with a speed of 23 km/h. The other vehicles A1 and A2 start north of the intersection on a trajectory crossing the intersection.

Entity A1 follows the trajectory with an initial distance offset, while entity A2 starts following the same trajectory with a delay of 0.3 s. Entity A1 is expected to reach the middle of the intersection at about 18 seconds. Entity A2 is close behind the vehicle A1 at the same time.

The ego vehicle is expected to avoid the critical situation and drives straight across the intersection.

The logical road network is complemented by a scene graph, which is a 3d model of the environment.

This scenario teaches the use of SceneGraphFile, TrajectoryCatalog, TrajectoryPosition and FollowTrajectoryAction with initialDistanceOffset.

examples 12 close vehicle crossing
Figure 60. Critical close vehicle crossing scenario example