Class License

Applied Stereotypes:
XSDsimpleContent, XSDcomplexType

Licensing information about the OpenSCENARIO file.

Used in:
  Name Type Cardinality AppliedStereotypes Description
  name string 1..1 XSDattribute The full name of the license. Informational only.
  resource string 0..1 XSDattribute Link to an URL where the full license text can be found.
  spdxId string 0..1 XSDattribute The identifier of the license from the SPDX license list. Can also be an SPDX License Expression, which is also applicable to custom licenses (LicenseRef-...).
  text string 0..1 The full license text.
XSD 1.3 Representation

<xsd:complexType name="License">
<xsd:extension base="xsd:string">
<xsd:attribute name="name" type="String" use="required"/>
<xsd:attribute name="resource" type="String"/>
<xsd:attribute name="spdxId" type="String"/>

Stereotype Details Information
  • Class
    • XSDsimpleContent [xsdType: "string"; umlPropertyName: "text"]
    • XSDcomplexType [modelGroup: "sequence"; mixed: "false"]
  • Property name
    • XSDattribute
  • Property resource
    • XSDattribute
  • Property spdxId
    • XSDattribute