Enumeration VehicleLightType

Definition of vehicle light types.

Used in:
Enumeration Literals
  Name Applied Stereotypes Description
  daytimeRunningLights Daytime running lights of a vehicle.
  lowBeam Low beam of a vehicle.
  highBeam High beam of a vehicle.
  fogLights All fog lights of a vehicle.
  fogLightsFront Front fog lights of a vehicle.
  fogLightsRear Rear fog lights of a vehicle.
  brakeLights Brake lights of a vehicle.
  warningLights Warning lights of a vehicle.
  indicatorLeft Left indicators of a vehicle.
  indicatorRight Right indicators of a vehicle.
  reversingLights Reversing lights of a vehicle.
  licensePlateIllumination License plate illumination of a vehicle.
  specialPurposeLights E.g. emergency light of a emergency-, police-, ... vehicle or service lights.
XSD 1.3 Representation

<xsd:simpleType name="VehicleLightType">
<xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
<xsd:enumeration value="daytimeRunningLights"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="lowBeam"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="highBeam"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="fogLights"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="fogLightsFront"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="fogLightsRear"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="brakeLights"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="warningLights"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="indicatorLeft"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="indicatorRight"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="reversingLights"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="licensePlateIllumination"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="specialPurposeLights"/>
<xsd:restriction base="parameter"/>