6.13 Properties

Instances of Property may be used to define test-instance specific or use-case specific properties of ASAM OpenSCENARIO sub-elements. Properties are available for the following types:

  • Vehicle

  • Pedestrian

  • MiscObject

  • Controller

  • RoadCondition

  • FileHeader

Instances of Property are collected in the Properties container. Every Properties definition may contain one or more name-value pairs (meaning instances of Property) and/or references to external files using the File mechanism. Thus, properties are a powerful instrument for customizing scenarios, without the need of standardizing purpose-built features related to specific simulator, hardware, and software setups.

Typical applications of properties are extensions of vehicle dynamics specifications, additional driver behavior settings, color information of objects, etc.

Properties can influence scenario execution, for example the driver behavior, but scenarios shall be executable without knowledge of the properties meaning.