11.1 Cut-in

This example, which is shown in Figure 51, describes a traffic situation where the Ego vehicle drives behind a vehicle on the rightmost lane of a two-lane straight highway. At the same time, the Ego vehicle is overtaken by a faster vehicle on the left lane. After overtaking, the faster vehicle cuts in to the Ego vehicle’s lane.

At the initialization phase, the environment conditions are set. The Ego vehicle is instantiated in the rightmost lane, driving at 100 km/h. A vehicle, driving at the same speed and in the same lane, is instantiated 84 m ahead of the Ego vehicle. A second car, driving at 110 km/h, is instantiated 100 m behind the Ego vehicle in the lane left of it.

At simulation runtime, after the second car has passed the Ego vehicle by 20 m, it cuts in to the Ego vehicle’s lane, using a prescribed trajectory.

This scenario teaches the use of the EnvironmentAction, instantiation of instances of Entity, Event, Condition and Trajectory.

examples 1 cut in
Figure 51. Cut-in scenario example