11.6 Fast overtake with re-initialization

This example, which is shown in Figure 56, describes a traffic situation where the Ego vehicle approaches a truck that slows down on the right lane of a three-lane highway. An overtaking vehicle is initialized in the centermost lane when the truck performs this action.

At the initialization phase, the Ego vehicle is initialized at a speed of 130 km/h on the rightmost lane. A truck driving at a speed of 90 km/h is initialized 120 m ahead of it in the same lane. The overtaking vehicle is initialized at an arbitrary position and orientation.

At simulation runtime, when the Ego vehicle approaches the truck by 60 m, the latter linearly reduces its speed to 60 km/h. This action triggers the relocation of the overtaking vehicle to the centermost lane at a speed of 200km/h at 200m behind of the truck. This action is delayed by 2 s.

This scenario teaches the consecutive execution of instances of Act and Action.

examples 7 fast overtake with reinit
Figure 56. Fast overtake with re-initialization scenario example