8.2 Transitions

The change from one state to another is called transition. There are six transitions for the StoryboardElement lifecycle.

startElementLifecycle and stopElementLifecycle are implementation-specific and represent the creation (startElementLifecycle) and the cleanup (stopElementLifecycle) of a StoryboardElement. All other states may be monitored with StoryboardElementStateCondition.

  • startTransition: The transition into runningState. Either from standbyState, when waiting for a start trigger, or from initState, when a StoryboardElement enters runningState instantly because its parent enters runningState.

  • endTransition: The transition out of runningState. It symbolizes that runningState has ended regularly without being stopped.

  • stopTransition: The transition out of runningState or out of standbyState. It signals that the execution of the StoryboardElement element was stopped, for example by overriding or an issued stop trigger.

  • skipTransition: This transition is specific to Event. skipTransition is used when an Event cannot be started due to its priority skip. See Section 8.4.2, "Execution of an event".