11.9 Synchronized arrival to intersection

This example, which is shown in Figure 59 recreates a critical situation at an intersection where the Ego vehicle and another vehicle are in a collision course. The Ego vehicle is instantiated with an initial speed of 10m/s and is assigned a route guiding it straight through an intersection (south to north). A second vehicle is instantiated with no speed and a route that guides it straight through the same intersection (west to east).

The moment at which the distance between the vehicles becomes smaller than 70m, a SynchronizeAction is triggered. At this stage, the crossing vehicle is regulating its speed in order to reach its synchronization position, at the same time as the Ego vehicle reaches its synchronization position. Additionally, the crossing vehicle is constrained to reach its synchronization position with a final speed of 7m/s.

When the vehicles reach their synchronization positions, the action is complete and vehicle A1 resumes default behavior driving through the intersection at 7m/s.

This scenario teaches the use of SynchronizeAction.

examples 11 synchronized arrival to intersection
Figure 59. Synchronized arrival to intersection scenario example