9.6 Resolving catalog references

Catalog references are resolved by locating the catalog by name and the entry within this catalog by its entry name (catalogName and entryName of the CatalogReference). A CatalogReference may hand over a ParameterAssignment to resolve parameters for this specific reference.

A Catalog shall be defined in a catalog file (for example, "VehicleCatalog.xosc"). An instance of a Catalog is identified by its name property.

Any valid catalog file of the correct catalog type and catalog name shall be processed that resides in the defined directory. A directory for every catalog type may be defined in a scenario:

  • VehicleCatalogLocation

  • ControllerCatalogLocation

  • PedestrianCatalogLocation

  • MiscObjectCatalogLocation

  • EnvironmentCatalogLocation

  • ManeuverCatalogLocation

  • TrajectoryCatalogLocation

  • RouteCatalogLocation