Class RoadNetwork

Applied Stereotypes:

The road network which provides the base layer (and road-relative coordinate systems) for all scenario elements is defined as a reference to a road network file. This reference is optional; in case it is not specified, an infinite non-inclined plane on level z=0 shall be assumed as base layer. Additionally and optionally, a visual 3D model file can be referenced and any number of signals can be specified.

Used in:
  Name Type Cardinality AppliedStereotypes Description
  logicFile File 0..1 XSDelement File path of the road network file (e.g. an ASAM OpenDRIVE file).
  sceneGraphFile File 0..1 XSDelement File path of a 3D model representing the virtual environment. This may be used for visual representation (rendering).
  trafficSignals TrafficSignalController 0..* XSDwrapped, XSDelement Name references and description of dynamic behavior for traffic signals defined in the road network file.
  usedArea UsedArea 0..1 XSDelement Definition of the area of the road network, which is used by the entities. If not provided, then the whole logicFile and sceneGraphFile will be used/loaded.
XSD 1.3 Representation

<xsd:complexType name="RoadNetwork">
<xsd:element name="LogicFile" type="File" minOccurs="0"/>
<xsd:element name="SceneGraphFile" type="File" minOccurs="0"/>
<xsd:element name="TrafficSignals" type="TrafficSignals" minOccurs="0"/>
<xsd:element name="UsedArea" type="UsedArea" minOccurs="0"/>

XSD Transformation
UML Element Stereotype Description
trafficSignals XSDwrapper This property represents a wrapped list. In XSD, the complex type TrafficSignals is used as a wrapper.
Stereotype Details Information
  • Class
    • XSDcomplexType [modelGroup: "sequence"; mixed: "false"]
  • Property logicFile
    • XSDelement [position: "1"]
  • Property sceneGraphFile
    • XSDelement [position: "2"]
  • Property trafficSignals
    • XSDwrapped [wrapperMin: "0"; wrapperMax: "1"]
    • XSDelement [position: "3"]
  • Property usedArea
    • XSDelement [position: "4"]