10.5 Acts

An Act allows a set of multiple instances of Trigger to determine when the specific Act starts.

This example scenario contains a startTrigger at Act and Event level. At Act level, they are used just to start the simple overtaking scenario. At the Event level, they control the scenario’s execution.
All ASAM OpenSCENARIO storyboard elements may run in parallel. Sequential execution is introduced indirectly by triggers, which can control how certain storyboard elements start or stop.

The example below shows the structure of an Act. This Act starts when the scenario starts because it has one SimulationTimeCondition condition checking when time becomes larger than zero. Movements of vehicles in Act are defined in the sections called ManeuverGroup, which is omitted here but described later in this chapter.

<Act name="Act 1">
  <!-- ManeuverGroup 1-->
      <Condition delay="0.0" conditionEdge="rising" name="Simulation Time">
          <SimulationTimeCondition rule="greaterThan" value="0.0"/>

An Act may be terminated by a stopTrigger (see Section, "Stop trigger").