10.6 ManeuverGroups

Using ManeuverGroup we specify the Actors that are executing the actions. Because we want Vehicle 1 to change lanes, we specify its name under Actors. This means that all the actions under this ManeuverGroup are executed by Vehicle 1.

For executing global actions Actors may be left empty.
For determining actors during runtime, you have to use selectTriggeringEntities = true, which is explained in Section 7.3.1, "ManeuverGroups and Actors".

ManeuverGroups receives its name from grouping one or multiple instances of Maneuver which is used in the next section.

<ManeuverGroup maximumExecutionCount="1" name="ManeuverGroup 1">
  <Actors selectTriggeringEntities="false">
    <EntityRef entityRef="Vehicle 1"/>
  <!-- Maneuver 1-->