11.3 End of traffic jam

This example, which is shown in Figure 53, describes a traffic situation where the Ego vehicle approaches two slower vehicles driving side-by-side on a straight two-lane highway running over a crest.

The environment conditions are set in the initialization phase. The Ego vehicle is instantiated at a constant speed of 100 km/h on the rightmost lane of the road. A user-defined controller is assigned to the Ego vehicle upon instantiation and is activated in the initialization phase. 200 m ahead of Ego vehicle, two vehicles are instantiated at a speed of 80 km/h in the rightmost lane and the neighboring lane to the left.

At simulation runtime, after vehicle A1 has traveled a distance of 100 m and vehicle A2 has traveled a distance of 200 m, they linearly decelerate by 5 m/s2 until they reach a target speed of 70 km/h.

This scenario extends the scenario in Section 11.2, "Slow preceding vehicle" by parallel execution of instances of Act and Condition. Moreover, it shows how to assign and activate a user-defined controller for the ego vehicle. This is useful for the integration of an external dynamic vehicle model into the simulation.

examples 3 end of traffic jam
Figure 53. End of traffic jam scenario example