Class LaneChangeAction

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This action describes the transition between an entity's current lane and its target lane. The target lane may be given in absolute or relative terms. The dynamics of the transition may be given either by providing the time or the distance required for performing the transition. Time and distance are measured between the start position and the end position of the action. The transition starts at the current lane position, including the current lane offset and ends at the target lane position, optionally including a targetLaneOffset. If no targetLaneOffset is specified, it shall be zero after completing the action, so that any previous offset is not taken into account.

Used in:
  Name Type Cardinality AppliedStereotypes Description
  targetLaneOffset double 0..1 XSDattribute Lane offset to be reached at the target lane; the action will end there. Missing value is interpreted as 0. Unit: [m].
  laneChangeActionDynamics TransitionDynamics 1..1 XSDelement Shape/time of lane change action.
  laneChangeTarget LaneChangeTarget 1..1 XSDelement Target lane of lane change action.
XSD 1.3 Representation

<xsd:complexType name="LaneChangeAction">
<xsd:element name="LaneChangeActionDynamics" type="TransitionDynamics"/>
<xsd:element name="LaneChangeTarget" type="LaneChangeTarget"/>
<xsd:attribute name="targetLaneOffset" type="Double"/>

Stereotype Details Information
  • Class
    • XSDcomplexType [modelGroup: "all"; mixed: "false"]
  • Property targetLaneOffset
    • XSDattribute
  • Property laneChangeActionDynamics
    • XSDelement [position: "1"]
  • Property laneChangeTarget
    • XSDelement [position: "2"]