List of tables

Table Description

Table 1

Verbal forms for expressions of provisions

Table 2

Normative and informative sections

Table 3

Typographic conventions

Table 4

Relational operators over non-numeric expressions

Table 5

Boolean operators

Table 6

Arithmetic operators

Table 7

Relational operators over numeric expressions

Table 8

Relational operators over non-numeric expressions

Table 9

List relational operators

Table 10

Other list operators

Table 11

Other list operators

Table 12

Other operators

Table 13

Basic information of actor osc_actor

Table 14

Basic information of actor physical_object

Table 15

Actor physical_object

Table 16

State variables of actor physical_object

Table 17

Parameters for method object_distance()

Table 18

Parameters for method road_distance()

Table 19

Parameters for method distance_to_xyz_point()

Table 20

Parameters for method distance_to_route_point()

Table 21

Parameters for method distance_to_odr_point()

Table 22

Parameters for method get_s_coord()

Table 23

Parameters for method get_t_coord()

Table 24

Parameters for method get_route_point()

Table 25

Parameter for method set_bm()

Table 26

Basic information of actor stationary_object

Table 27

Inherited parameters and variables of actor stationary_object

Table 28

Parameters for modifier stationary_object.location()

Table 29

Basic information of actor movable_object

Table 30

State variables of actor movable_object

Table 31

Inherited parameters and variables of actor movable_object

Table 32

Parameters for method distance_along_route()

Table 33

Basic information of actor traffic_participant

Table 34

Actor traffic_participant

Table 35

Inherited parameters and variables of actor traffic_participant

Table 36

Parameter for method time_to_collision()

Table 37

Parameter for method time_headway()

Table 38

Parameters for method time_gap()

Table 39

Parameters for method space_gap()

Table 40

Parameter for method space_headway()

Table 41

Basic information of actor vehicle

Table 42

Actor vehicle

Table 43

Inherited parameters and variables of actor vehicle

Table 44

Parameters for modifier vehicle.tow_trailer()

Table 45

Basic information of actor trailer

Table 46

Actor trailer

Table 47

State variables of actor trailer

Table 48

Inherited parameters and variables of actor trailer

Table 49

Basic information of actor person

Table 50

Inherited parameters and variables of actor person

Table 51

Basic information of actor animal

Table 52

Inherited parameters and variables of actor animal

Table 53

Basic information of struct bounding_box

Table 54

Struct bounding_box

Table 55

Basic information of struct axle

Table 56

Struct axle

Table 57

Basic information of struct hitch_receiver

Table 58

Struct hitch_receiver

Table 59

State variables of struct hitch_receiver

Table 60

Basic information of struct hitch_coupler

Table 61

Struct hitch_coupler

Table 62

State variables of struct hitch_coupler

Table 63

Basic information of enum color

Table 64

Enum color

Table 65

Basic information of enum vehicle_category

Table 66

Enum vehicle_category

Table 67

Basic information of enum trailer_category

Table 68

Enum trailer_category

Table 69

Basic information of enum hitch_type

Table 70

Enum hitch_type

Table 71

Basic information of enum intended_infrastructure

Table 72

Enum intended_infrastructure

Table 73

Basic information of enum traffic_participant_role

Table 74

Enum traffic_participant_role

Table 75

Basic information of enum distance_direction

Table 76

Enum distance_direction

Table 77

Enum road_distance_direction

Table 78

Enum distance_mode

Table 79

Enum on_route_type

Table 80

Enum route_distance_enum

Table 81

Basic information of actor vehicle_group

Table 82

Actor vehicle_group

Table 83

Basic information of action osc_action

Table 84

Basic information of action move

Table 85

Basic information of action assign_position

Table 86

Action assign_position

Table 87

Basic information of action assign_orientation

Table 88

Action assign_orientation

Table 89

Basic information of action assign_speed

Table 90

Action assign_speed

Table 91

Basic information of action assign_acceleration

Table 92

Action assign_acceleration

Table 93

Basic information of action replay_path

Table 94

Action replay_path

Table 95

Basic information of action replay_trajectory

Table 96

Action replay_trajectory

Table 97

Basic information of action remain_stationary

Table 98

Basic information of action change_position

Table 99

Action change_position

Table 100

Basic information of action change_speed

Table 101

Action change_speed

Table 102

Basic information of action keep_speed

Table 103

Basic information of action change_acceleration

Table 104

Action change_acceleration

Table 105

Basic information of action keep_acceleration

Table 106

Basic information of action follow_path

Table 107

Action follow_path

Table 108

Basic information of action follow_trajectory

Table 109

Action follow_trajectory

Table 110

Basic information of enum dynamic_profile

Table 111

Enum dynamic_profile

Table 112

Basic information of action drive

Table 113

Basic information of action follow_lane

Table 114

Action follow_lane

Table 115

Basic information of action change_lane

Table 116

Action change_lane

Table 117

Basic information of action change_time_gap

Table 118

Action change_time_gap

Table 119

Basic information of action keep_time_gap

Table 120

Action keep_time_gap

Table 121

Basic information of action change_space_gap

Table 122

Action change_space_gap

Table 123

Basic information of action keep_space_gap

Table 124

Action keep_space_gap

Table 125

Basic information of action change_time_headway

Table 126

Action change_time_headway

Table 127

Basic information of action keep_time_headway

Table 128

Action keep_time_headway

Table 129

Basic information of action change_space_headway

Table 130

Action change_space_headway

Table 131

Basic information of action keep_space_headway

Table 132

Action keep_space_headway

Table 133

Basic information of action connect_trailer

Table 134

Action connect_trailer

Table 135

Basic information of action disconnect_trailer

Table 136

Basic information of enum lane_change_side

Table 137

Enum lane_change_side

Table 138

Basic information of enum gap_direction

Table 139

Enum gap_direction

Table 140

Basic information of enum headway_direction

Table 141

Enum headway_direction

Table 142

Basic information of action walk

Table 143

Enum at

Table 144

Enum movement_mode

Table 145

Enum track

Table 146

Enum lat_measure_by

Table 147

Enum yaw_measure_by

Table 148

Enum orientation_measured_by

Table 149

Enum movement_options

Table 150

Basic information of actor environment

Table 151

Actor environment

Table 152

State variables of actor environment

Table 153

Parameter for method local_to_unix_time()

Table 154

Basic information of struct weather

Table 155

Struct weather

Table 156

Basic information of struct air

Table 157

Struct air

Table 158

Basic information of struct precipitation

Table 159

Struct precipitation

Table 160

Basic information of struct wind

Table 161

Struct wind

Table 162

Basic information of struct fog

Table 163

Struct fog

Table 164

Basic information of struct clouds

Table 165

Struct clouds

Table 166

Basic information of struct celestial_light_source

Table 167

State variables of struct celestial_light_source

Table 168

Basic information of action air

Table 169

Action air

Table 170

Basic information of action rain

Table 171

Action rain

Table 172

Basic information of action snow

Table 173

Action snow

Table 174

Basic information of action wind

Table 175

Action wind

Table 176

Basic information of action fog

Table 177

Action fog

Table 178

Basic information of action clouds

Table 179

Action clouds

Table 180

Basic information of action assign_celestial_position

Table 181

Action assign_celestial_position

Table 182

Basic information of actor map

Table 183

Actor map

Table 184

Parameters for method odr_to_route_point()

Table 185

Parameters for method xyz_to_route_point()

Table 186

Parameters for method route_point_to_xyz()

Table 187

Parameters for method create_route()

Table 188

Parameters for method create_route_point()

Table 189

Parameters for method create_xyz_point()

Table 190

Parameters for method create_odr_point()

Table 191

Parameters for method create_path()

Table 192

Parameters for method create_path_odr_points()

Table 193

Parameters for method create_path_route_points()

Table 194

Parameters for method create_trajectory()

Table 195

Parameters for method create_trajectory_odr_points()

Table 196

Parameters for method create_trajectory_route_points()

Table 197

Parameters for method map.resolve_relative_path()

Table 198

Parameters for method resolve_relative_trajectory()

Table 199

Parameters for modifier map.number_of_lanes()

Table 200

Parameters for modifier map.routes_are_in_sequence()

Table 201

Parameters for modifier map.roads_follow_in_junction()

Table 202

Parameters for modifier map.routes_overlap()

Table 203

Parameters for modifier map.lane_side()

Table 204

Parameters for modifier map.compound_lane_side()

Table 205

Parameters for modifier map.end_lane()

Table 206

Parameters for modifier map.start_lane()

Table 207

Parameters for modifier map.crossing_connects()

Table 208

Parameters for modifier map.routes_are_opposite()

Table 209

Parameters for modifier map.set_map_file()

Table 210

Parameters for modifier map.set_traffic_lights_control_file()

Table 211

Enum driving_rule

Table 212

Basic information of struct junction

Table 213

Struct junction

Table 214

Basic information of struct route

Table 215

Struct route

Table 216

Enum directionality

Table 217

Basic information of struct route_element

Table 218

Inherited parameters and variables of struct route_element

Table 219

Basic information of struct road

Table 220

Struct road

Table 221

Inherited parameters and variables of struct road

Table 222

Basic information of struct lane_section

Table 223

Struct lane_section

Table 224

Inherited parameters and variables of struct lane_section

Table 225

Basic information of struct lane

Table 226

Struct lane

Table 227

Inherited parameters and variables of struct lane

Table 228

Basic information of struct crossing

Table 229

Struct crossing

Table 230

Inherited parameters and variables of struct crossing

Table 231

Basic information of enum lane_type

Table 232

Enum lane_type

Table 233

Basic information of enum lane_use

Table 234

Enum lane_use

Table 235

Enum side_left_right

Table 236

Enum lon_lat

Table 237

Basic information of struct crossing_type

Table 238

Struct crossing_type

Table 239

Basic information of enum crossing_marking

Table 240

Enum crossing_marking

Table 241

Basic information of enum crossing_use

Table 242

Enum crossing_use

Table 243

Basic information of enum crossing_elevation

Table 244

Enum crossing_elevation

Table 245

Basic information of struct compound_route

Table 246

Struct compound_route

Table 247

Inherited parameters and variables of struct compound_route

Table 248

Basic information of struct compound_lane

Table 249

Struct compound_lane

Table 250

Inherited parameters and variables of struct compound_lane

Table 251

Enum junction_direction

Table 252

Enum route_overlap_kind

Table 253

Enum lateral_overlap_kind

Table 254

Basic information of struct route_point

Table 255

Struct route_point

Table 256

Inherited parameters and variables of struct route_point

Table 257

Basic information of struct xyz_point

Table 258

Struct xyz_point

Table 259

Inherited parameters and variables of struct xyz_point

Table 260

Basic information of struct odr_point

Table 261

Struct odr_point

Table 262

Inherited parameters and variables of struct odr_point

Table 263

Basic information of struct geodetic_point

Table 264

Struct geodetic_point

Table 265

Inherited parameters and variables of struct geodetic_point

Table 266

Enum connect_route_points

Table 267

Basic information of struct path

Table 268

Struct path

Table 269

Inherited parameters and variables of struct path

Table 270

Basic information of struct relative_path

Table 271

Struct relative_path

Table 272

Basic information of struct relative_path_pose_3d

Table 273

Struct relative_path_pose_3d

Table 274

Inherited parameters and variables of struct relative_path_pose_3d

Table 275

Basic information of struct relative_path_st

Table 276

Struct relative_path_st

Table 277

Inherited parameters and variables of struct relative_path_st

Table 278

Basic information of struct relative_path_odr

Table 279

Struct relative_path_odr

Table 280

Inherited parameters and variables of struct relative_path_odr

Table 281

Enum path_interpolation

Table 282

Basic information of enum relative_transform

Table 283

Enum relative_transform

Table 284

Basic information of struct trajectory

Table 285

Struct trajectory

Table 286

Basic information of struct relative_trajectory

Table 287

Struct relative_trajectory

Table 288

Basic information of struct relative_trajectory_pose_3d

Table 289

Struct relative_trajectory_pose_3d

Table 290

Inherited parameters and variables of struct relative_trajectory_pose_3d

Table 291

Basic information of struct relative_trajectory_st

Table 292

Struct relative_trajectory_st

Table 293

Inherited parameters and variables of struct relative_trajectory_st

Table 294

Basic information of struct relative_trajectory_odr

Table 295

Struct relative_trajectory_odr

Table 296

Inherited parameters and variables of struct relative_trajectory_odr

Table 297

Basic information of enum bulb_icon

Table 298

Enum bulb_icon

Table 299

Basic information of enum bulb_color

Table 300

Enum bulb_color

Table 301

Basic information of enum bulb_state

Table 302

Enum bulb_state

Table 303

Basic information of struct traffic_light_bulb

Table 304

Struct traffic_light_bulb

Table 305

State variables of struct traffic_light_bulb

Table 306

Basic information of enum semantic_traffic_light_state

Table 307

Enum semantic_traffic_light_state

Table 308

Basic information of struct traffic_light

Table 309

Struct traffic_light

Table 310

Parameter for method state_equal()

Table 311

Parameter for method semantic_state_to_state()

Table 312

Parameter for method state_state_to_semantic_stateequal()

Table 313

Basic information of struct traffic_light_group

Table 314

Struct traffic_light_group

Table 315

Parameter for method state_equal()

Table 316

Basic information of enum stop_line_marking

Table 317

Enum stop_line_marking

Table 318

Basic information of struct traffic_light_stop_line

Table 319

Struct traffic_light_stop_line

Table 320

Inherited parameters and variables of struct traffic_light_stop_line

Table 321

Basic information of struct traffic_light_phase

Table 322

Struct traffic_light_phase

Table 323

Basic information of struct traffic_light_cycle

Table 324

Struct traffic_light_cycle

Table 325

Basic information of actor traffic_light_controller

Table 326

Basic information of action set_bulb_state

Table 327

Action set_bulb_state

Table 328

Basic information of action set_state

Table 329

Action set_state

Table 330

Basic information of action set_semantic_state

Table 331

Action set_semantic_state

Table 332

Basic information of action set_group_bulb_state

Table 333

Action set_group_bulb_state

Table 334

Basic information of action set_group_state

Table 335

Action set_group_state

Table 336

Basic information of action set_group_semantic_state

Table 337

Action set_group_semantic_state

Table 338

Basic information of action play_cycles

Table 339

Action play_cycles