1 Scope

ASAM OpenSCENARIO comprises the specification of a domain-specific language and a domain model. The standard is intended for the description of dynamic behaviors and environments for driving simulation applications or any application that utilizes scenario descriptions.

The primary use of ASAM OpenSCENARIO is the description and construction of complex scenarios.

These scenarios include maneuvers that involve:

  • Multiple vehicles

  • Other participants

  • Complex environmental interactions

  • Complex variations of testing parameters

  • Evaluation and analysis of complex or compound measurement criteria

ASAM OpenSCENARIO is used in:

  • Virtual development

  • Testing

  • Validation of functions for:

    • Driver assistance

    • Automated driving

    • Autonomous driving

ASAM OpenSCENARIO is also suitable for the following applications:

  • Testing on test tracks or proving grounds

  • Testing in a mixed environment (HiL)

  • Decoding real-word driving data

ASAM OpenSCENARIO may be used in conjunction with ASAM OpenDRIVE and ASAM OpenCRG. These standards describe detailed information of the road network and surface in driving simulations.

ASAM OpenSCENARIO introduces the concept of a domain-specific language into scenario description. The language has the properties of a software language.