6 Conceptual overview

Please note that the following section and its sub-sections are non-normative.

The conceptual overview provides a summary of the features, terminology, and specific concepts used in ASAM OpenSCENARIO.

This conceptual overview contains:

  • Section 6.1, "ASAM OpenSCENARIO scenarios"
    This section describes some of the core features found in ASAM OpenSCENARIO and how they can be used to write scenarios using ASAM OpenSCENARIO.

  • Section 6.2, "Key terminology"
    This section provides a summary of key terminology used throughout this standard.

  • Section 6.3, "Scenario abstraction"
    This section defines the abstraction spectrum and the terms used throughout this standard regarding scenario abstraction levels. It also provides guidelines on transitioning between levels throughout the spectrum.